Imagine if there were a way to fund social change just by doing your everyday banking. This is what act. is all about. This award-winning, banking platform that combines everyday banking with crowdfunding has a vision where society can invest in activities that bring about positive social change.

Changing banking for good

Started in 2014, act. is a division of Community Sector Banking. A world-first banking service for consumers, act. allows customers to give to a range of worthy causes through the linked crowdfunding platform, simply by conducting their everyday banking.

act. has all the banking products you expect, with home loans, personal loans, credit cards and savings accounts. Each month, customers earn impact dollars from their banking products. They can then give their impact dollars to any live project on at any time, or save them up to make an even bigger difference. To find out more, visit the act. website

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Visit the act. website for more information.

The Pathway Project

The Esplanade Community Bike Hub was one of the many projects successfully crowdfunded on through impact dollars from act. customers, and match-funding from Community Sector Banking.

Some popular questions

As soon as you open a bank account with act. (there is a full suite of products to choose from), you will be eligible for an Impact Account. Each act. product earns you Impact Dollars. You then allocate these Impact Dollars to any of the great projects featured on You can choose where your donations go, how much, and how often.

Also, even if you're not yet an activist, you can still make an online donation (via credit card) to any of our featured projects, whenever you like. Or, if you're an existing activist, you can top up your donations at any time!

Crowd funding is a way for lots of people to voluntarily contribute to an outcome. It's often used to support new business initiatives, or creative projects. While it's been around for years, the online environment has seen crowd funding really take off.

act. is a fresh, new way of banking. Essentially, act. gives customers (activists) the opportunity to earn and donate banking profits to a whole range of inspiring, social projects and really is the ethical banking alternative.

act. has all the banking products you’d expect like home loans, personal loans, credit cards, transaction accounts and online savings accounts.

act. is a division of Community Sector Banking.

act. banking products are backed and issued by Bendigo and Adelaide Bank.

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