Salary Packaging

Attract and retain

Your staff are the back bone of your organisation. We understand that your staff are just as important as the communities you help – and that’s why we’ve created an innovative range of salary solutions that make it easier for not-for-profits with Public Benevolent Institution (PBI) status to pay staff and administer salary packaging.

Keep all your salary packaging under one roof with our b-packaged® and b-optimised® accounts which help you attract and retain staff with competitive salaries.

b-entertained® debit Mastercard®

The b-entertained low fee debit Mastercard allows staff to access the meal and entertainment fringe benefit component of their salary, subject to a grossed up taxable value of $5,000.

This product is launching soon. To register your interest contact our team.

Real solutions

Our salary packaging products have been developed specifically with not-for-profits in mind. Talk to our team to find a solution for your organisation.

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