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Your staff are the back bone of your organisation. We understand that your staff are just as important as the communities you help – and that’s why we’ve created an innovative range of salary solutions that make it easier for not-for-profits with Public Benevolent Institution (PBI) status to pay staff and administer salary packaging.

Keep all your salary packaging under one roof with our b-packaged®, b-entertained® and b-optimised® accounts which help you attract and retain staff with competitive salaries.


Fringe benefits and salary packages don’t have to be an administrative headache. Community Sector Banking’s low fee b-packaged debit Mastercard® makes the entire process simpler and is available to all not-for-profits with Public Benevolent Institution (PBI) status.

The b-packaged card allows employees to make payments with their card as part of their fringe benefits, instead of their taxable income, whilst also keeping track of spending and managing tax requirements.

The b-packaged card meets taxation requirements through an Australian Taxation Office Class Ruling (CR 2007/15).

star Features
star Features
Minimum balance of $1
Direct debit
Available to organisations with Public Benevolent Institution (PBI) status
fees Fees
fees Fees
Account service $2 per month
Overdrawn account $15.00
Periodical payment rejection fee $20
Direct debit dishonour fee $15.00
Mastercard debit card $3 per month
Replacement card FREE
Refer to the fees & charges document for more information
percent Rates
percent Rates
Current interest rate 0.00% pa
paper Terms & Conditions
paper Terms & Conditions

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Product Disclosure Statements

Mastercard and Priceless are registered trademarks and the circles design and Tap & Go are trademarks of Mastercard International Incorporated.

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Real solutions

We know you want to attract and retain great staff. Our salary packaging solutions were developed to help you manage their benefits and cut down on paperwork.

Popular Questions

Our salary-packaging products cannot be opened in Bendigo Bank branches. You will need to fill out the relevant forms and send them to our Customer Service and Engagement team.

For employers:
You will need the 'b-packaged & b-entertained Organisation Application Form', and the 'Certified Identification Form'.

For employees:
You will need the 'b-packaged & b-entertained Employee Application Form' and the 'Certified Identification Form'.

b-packaged is compliant in terms of taxation requirements through an Australian Taxation Office (ATO) Class Ruling (CR 2007/15).
The following is a list of restrictions that apply to the b-packaged account under the ATO Class Ruling:
• no cash withdrawals (including bank cheques)
• no cash deposits (only deposit to this account is made by the employer)
• no cheque book facilities
• no phone or internet banking facilities (restricted e-banking access only)
• cardholders cannot transfer funds into personal bank accounts
• no in-branch transactions
• no direct debits using card numbers
• no BPAY® facility

® Registered to BPAY Pty Ltd ABN 69 079 137 518.

For lost or stolen cards, contact Community Sector Banking on 1300 272 265 anytime from 8:30am to 5pm AEST, Monday to Friday to report this and to cancel your b-packaged card. Outside of business hours, call 1800 035 383 (Free call) to report the loss or theft and cancel your b-packaged card.

Yes - this can be done via a periodical payment. To set up, simply complete the b-packaged Periodical Payment Authority form. Periodical payments can be made to a home loan with a redraw facility, but not into offset accounts or a line of credit mortgage. Payments must be made directly to the mortgage itself.

Yes - this can be done via a periodical payment. Simply complete the b-packaged Periodical Payment Authority form.

Please note: If your rent is going into your landlord’s personal account (i.e. private rental) you will need to ensure that you arrange for Section 7 of the form (Employer Authorisation) to be completed. We will be unable to establish any payments without this authorisation from your employer.

No, tithes or donations should not be made with the funds in your b-packaged account. These payments are not classed as an expense payment benefit so are therefore non-compliant with the product’s ATO class ruling.

More information can be found in our frequently asked questions by clicking here.

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