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Your not-for-profit organisation has unique needs that often can’t be met by ordinary loans. Our specialised lending team has extensive knowledge of the sector with hands on experience and an intimate understanding of our customers’ lending requirements.

Commercial Loans

If you have a project in development, we may be able to help you put that plan into action by structuring a loan to suit your organisation.

An innovative range of lending solutions are available for not-for-profit organisations, with a specialised focus on providing sustainable solutions for disability, aged care, refurbishment of community facilities and affordable housing developments for the community.

For application details, talk to our team.

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star Features
Choose from fixed or variable interest rates (or a combination of both)
Choose repayments featuring either interest only or principal plus interest
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fees Fees
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percent Rates
Rates available upon application.
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Not-for-profits are different – they have different governance structures, income streams and borrowing requirements. Our specialised team work closely with organisations to explore potential options.

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