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Income for not-for-profits is not always guaranteed, so building reserves is important.

Our savings options range from traditional term deposits, to savings accounts designed for organisations looking to make a positive impact with their banking.

Term Deposit

Our term deposits are for organisations looking for stability for their savings. Interest rates are guaranteed for the lifetime of the deposit. Offered through Bendigo Bank, our term deposits provide competitive interest rates and a wide choice of terms.

Need urgent access to your money? We offer a streamlined overdraft application process to help give you piece of mind.

star Features
star Features
A fixed rate of return for the life of your investment
Choose the investment term to suit your needs
No set-up or ongoing fees
Invest any amount from $1,000
Interest calculated daily and paid monthly, annually or on maturity – the choice is yours
fees Fees
fees Fees
Refer to the fees & charges document for more information
percent Rates
percent Rates
Talk to us to negotiate the best available rate
paper Terms & Conditions
paper Terms & Conditions

Term Deposits

Product Disclosure Statements

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Our tailored products help you make the most of your money, backed by the security of Australia’s fifth largest bank, Bendigo Bank.

Popular Questions

You can open this account in your local Bendigo Bank branch or you can complete the relevant forms and mail them to our Customer Service and Engagement team.

You will need the 'Business Customer Account Opening Form' and the 'Term Deposit Consent Form'.

Each signatory, Beneficial owner/controller, signing directors/board members, will be required to present identification at their local Bendigo Bank branch or alternatively have a JP (or other authorised certifier) certify identification and complete the 'Certified Identification Form'.

If any of these people are already a customer of Bendigo Bank, they just need to provide us with their account number to link their identification to.

We will also require business documentation, this will be dependent on the type of organisation.

For Incorporated & Unincorporated Associations:
Meeting minutes that state the following information:-
• The date of the meeting
• State the account/s to be opened with Community Sector Banking/Bendigo bank
• State the full legal name of the intended signatories to the account/s
• State the signing instructions (how many to sign, for example 2 to sign)

For Incorporated Associations:
For incorporated associations we will be required to complete an ASIC search. If the organisation isn’t registered with ASIC you will need to provide us with an original, certified copy or extract of the rules or constitution of the organisation.

For Trusts:
An original or Certified Copy of the Full Trust deed and latest Original or certified copy of the Amendment to Trust. We will also require identification for one at least one trustee.

For Companies:
No further business documentation required - we will complete a company search on your behalf.

For any other types of organisations, please contact our Customer Service & Engagement team on 1300 272 265 for our business documentation requirements.

Yes, you are guaranteed the same rate for the full term of your investment.

We require 31 days’ notice in writing to release funds from your investment.

If you need urgent access to funds in your term deposit, we can organise an emergency overdraft. Contact our Customer Service and Engagement team or call into your local Bendigo Bank branch.

When your term deposit is maturing, you will receive a renewal advice letter from Bendigo Bank two weeks prior to maturity. The letter will let you know how to contact Bendigo Bank if you wish to alter the instructions on your maturing term deposit.

A grace period of 14 days applies for new and re-invested term deposits during which you may withdraw or transfer funds without penalty.

More information can be found in our frequently asked questions by clicking here.

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