Codes of Practice

At Community Sector Banking, we pride ourselves on our commitment to conduct business ethically and to the highest possible standard.

In line with this commitment, Community Sector Banking complies with a range of codes of practices including the Banking Code of Practice, the Code of Operation for the Department of Human Services and the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, and the ePayments Code.

Community Sector Banking has adopted the Banking Code of Practice. The Banking Code of Practice is a voluntary code of conduct which sets standards of good banking practice for us to follow when dealing with you.

A copy of the Code is available at any Bendigo Bank Branch or by telephoning 1300 236 344. A copy of the Code can also be downloaded or printed here.

Further information on the Code is also available from the Australian Banking Association website.

Community Sector Banking has adopted the ePayments Code (formerly known as the Electronic Funds Transfer Code of Conduct).

Download a pdf copy of the ePayments Code.

The Code of Operation covers the recovery of debts from Department of Human Services income support payments or Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) Payments.

It aims to ensure that recipients of income support payments and DVA payments have sufficient income to maintain adequate food and shelter.