Faith-based programs in Melbourne’s south west

15 Oct 2015

South West Christian Church (SWCC) has been a part of the Wyndham community in Melbourne since 1967 when it was first established there as the Werribee Assembly of God. They’re part of an international network of churches that operate across dozens of countries.

SWCC programs are available to anyone regardless of their social, national or religious background and cover a range of areas including training and job placement, managing personal finances and giving people the tools to get out of debt, as well as providing essential food and goods for people’s families. In addition to this, SWCC specialises in children’s services and day care, manage four Op-shops in Melbourne’s western suburbs, and offers up its new auditorium – the best facility of its kind across the western suburbs of Melbourne – for productions, and school and community events when it is not being used for church services.

“We chose Community Sector Banking because they went the extra mile to help us. They have been amazing in their can-do attitude and their faith and support in all we do,” began Senior Pastor, Malcolm Macleod.

“We found ourselves in a difficult position juggling loans due to a contractual complication. This affected our ability to borrow the full amount we needed to complete a $6 million construction halfway through completion,” he said.

“They loaned us the necessary funds to finish our building, which allowed us to continue to grow our charity and community projects,” he said.

“We were in a difficult time, but Jim Hardy and Community Sector Banking held up our arms to complete the work we had begun, and we have never looked back since,” he concluded.