Media release: World-first banking service lets customers get act.ive for charity

10 Nov 14

Innovative not-for-profit banking specialist Community Sector Banking is launching a world-first banking service, which allows customers to give to a range of worthy causes simply through their banking.

The new division of Community Sector Banking – act. has been established after two years in development to deliver a positive social impact around Australia.

It will use a crowd-sourcing model to raise money for social enterprise projects across all sectors, each month.

Under the initiative, act. will allocate ‘impact dollars’ – real dollars taken from the profit it earns – to each act. customer to donate to the project of their choice. Customers will choose where their donations go, how much and how often.

The amount of impact dollars a customer generates will depends on their banking habits.

For example, a customer who holds a $250,000 mortgage with act. could generate $31 a month to reinvest in the social project of their choice.

act. believes in profit for purpose and act. is a world-first – a new way of banking where who you bank with does matter,” the Head of Marketing, Communications and act. at Community Sector Banking, Amanda Watt, said.

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