Crowdfunding to power up the rainforest

15 Mar 18
The Daintree Lowland

The Daintree Lowland is an ancient rainforest with genetic lineage going back 135 million years. Sitting between the Wet Tropics and Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Areas in far north Queensland, the Daintree is now tragically under imminent threat. The last thirty years of land clearance, introduction of non-native invasive species, inappropriate development and climate change have undermined the conservation of this unique and truly beautiful place.

Over the last 18 years, Rainforest Rescue has planted over 100,000 trees to reforest the Daintree and rescued 31 properties at the highest risk, protecting them forever.

Powering the effort behind this high impact conservation work is Rainforest Rescue’s Daintree native nursery. All rainforest trees propagated at the nursery grow from seeds collected from over 25 local rainforest reserves. We’ve grown over 210 species – including 16 prehistoric trees – from seed and are continually finding new native plants to grow. Simply put, with no nursery there would be no reforesting of damaged Daintree lowland rainforest.

However, the nursery’s infrastructure was so basic that there was no electricity on site. This hugely compromised Rainforest Rescue’s capacity to germinate seeds at our highest efficiency, let alone use a computer to record data.

Thanks solely to Community Sector Banking and its crowdfunding donors, Rainforest Rescue is now in the process of introducing solar electricity and installing a lock-up security system on our shipping container. As the campaign exceeded expectations, Rainforest Rescue can also install a camera/alarm system & mobile phone booster.

The surge of renewable power will help Rainforest Rescue significantly increase the productivity of the nursery with the smallest carbon footprint. Rainforest Rescue aims to annually produce upwards of 25,000 seedlings as a result.

“Without any power or internet connection at our native nursery in the Daintree lowlands, Rainforest Rescue was unable to propagate and grow rainforest seedlings at the highest rate of production,” said Kristin Canning, Partnerships Manager at Rainforest Rescue.

“As we are rescuing more unprotected land in the Daintree lowlands than ever before, this posed a real problem. Now thanks to the incredibly generous funding from Community Sector Banking and its donors, we will be able to meet our ever growing need to reforest increasing amounts of rescued land. Large scale conservation impact made even more effective!”

Rainforest Rescue

Rainforest Rescue was one of three projects supported with impact dollars when Community Sector Banking’s crowdfunding platform, act. was closed. You can continue to support their worthy work by donating through their website.

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