Measuring Social Impact: Part 2

26 Mar 19

In partnership with the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), we are thrilled to announce the launch of Measuring Social Impact: Part 2 – Evaluation Methods on UTS Open.

Part 2 of the course reinforces the fact that evaluation can be undertaken by any not-for-profit organisation, if they have the right tools. To continue our efforts in strengthening the sector, we have partnered with University of Technology Sydney to develop these tools for free and empower all not-for-profits to evaluate their impact effectively and secure funding for the future.

Expanding on the knowledge gained in Measuring Social Impact Part 1, part 2 teaches participants to measure whether they are reaching the change goals they set in part 1 using simplified evaluation methods, validated frameworks and measurement tools. This gives not-for-profits the opportunity to ensure they are creating real impact and ensure quality output.

Both modules of the course will form an important part of the Social Impact Toolbox which will be a free resource to help not-for-profits understand what to measure and how. Included in the toolbox will be online courses with video, forums, questionnaires, interactive templates and a repository of verifiable and validated measures, allowing not-for-profits to design programs according to best practices.

We are also excited to be welcoming the team from UTS to Bendigo on Friday 12 April to meet with local not-for-profit organisations and workshop the toolbox to gain feedback on the needs of the sector. This workshop will offer not-for-profits the chance to share what they need from the toolbox in order to carry out their valuable work.

If you or anyone you know would like to join this workshop please email or alternatively bookings can be placed online here.