Meeting our 2019 Social Investment Grant recipients

28 Oct 19

In August, we announced the recipients of our 2019 Social Investment Grants Program. Over the last four weeks, we have been celebrating our grant recipients at events across the country, including Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Maroochydore.

The 2019 theme of building the capacity of not-for-profit organisations was warmly received by the sector as it enabled organisations to invest in themselves to ensure continued sustainability. Enhancements to IT and customer relationship management systems were strong themes for majority of grant recipients.

“It is hard for an emerging not-for-profit to secure funding for anything, let alone a project to improve our back-end. Community Sector Banking has shown rare insight and leadership by offering a capacity-building grant,” said Yvonne Hong, Founder and CEO of Pets of the Homeless and 2019 Social Investment Grant Recipient.

Chris Vella, Head of Education at Cool Australia and also a grant recipient echoed the sentiment of the need to help organisations invest back into their operations.

“We are very grateful to Community Sector Banking for this critical investment. It is so wonderful to see an organisation willing to support not-for-profits with capacity building projects. While it’s not some big new thing that you can stand in front of and cut a ribbon, it’s what we really need and will impact on thousands of teachers and students,” said Mr Vella.

Eleven not-for-profit organisations from across the country were awarded a share in $350,000 to build capacity in their organisations.

The Social Investment Grants program is funded through Community Sector Banking’s Social Investment Deposit Account. The bank contributes 50% of net profit from these accounts, while account holders can also choose to contribute 0%, 50% or 100% of the interest they earn.

Keep an eye out for updates on our 2020 Social Investment Grants Program which will be announced in the new year.